The New Tusker Cider – Review And Feedback


Last week I finally got hold of the elusive Tusker Cider. After looking for it for two weeks since launch, I finally got one at Jiweke Tavern and luckily, they were chilled to perfection. Tusker Cider comes in 500ml and I quite enjoyed the first half of the drink but by the time I got halfway through, the other half had warmed up. A warm cider is not something I’d like to take a whole lot of.

We talked to a few people who were with us as we sampled the drink together.

Mwende Ngao – I like it! Its my new drink though I don’t feel like the ugly bottle is something I want in my table. Snapp is way sweeter and Redds tastes a bit diluted. I find this drink a good balance especially for that price point.

Sokoanalyst – it is a very female drink. Even the scent is flavoured. From a business point I’d view it will have trouble picking coz women have also taken onto Tusker Light and Tusker Malt. Plus the packaging… women want something beautiful.

Mishi –  Tusker Cider, like all other ciders, was too sweet for me. But to be fair, I’m a beer drinker.  I prefer the bitter taste of beer and I live for the first sip of a cold one on a hot day.

Sam Wakoba – Hizi sukari sukari ni za warembo.

Wamathai – There’s nothing like a woman’s drink. A drink is a drink. It depends 0n marketing. Like in the beginning snap came in with a weave infused advert. But there are guys who drink ciders. Furthermore, more and more women are drinking Guinness, a drink that is said to be for men.

Here is some more feedback we have seen around on Twitter.

Have you tried the new Tusker Cider? What do you think about it?

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