8 must watch beer ads

Every time you drink your favorite beer, it’s a new esperience. And like all great things in this digital ages, each beer must have an awesome advert that will overwhelm you with a sense of deja vu.

Here’s our compilation of 10 beer ads that you must watch.


All great action movies have a memorable car chase and this ad makes them more memorable.

2. Heineken – Walk in Fridge

It is every man’s dream

3. Carlton Draught – Big Ad

The Australian beer brand was at it again

4. Guinness – Pilot

Guinness make some of the most memorable ads when it comes to the beer market, and this is just one of them

5. Tusker – My Country My beer

This is one for the the throwback reels. Classic

6. Guinness – Good things come to those who wait

If beer could take you back in time

7. Bud Light – Swear Jar

Talk about ways to raise money for a case of beer

8. Budweiser – Wassup

This just makes you smile (scary movie fans)

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