How to enjoy a Tusker

With the weekend quickly approaching and in the spirit of RMC Motors we think it is appropriate we give you an insight into how one can enjoy a Tusker. Tusker is one of the most popular drinks in the country and may even be considered our national drink. These steps also apply to other beers though. So if you enjoy a Heineken, Guinness, Summit lager, Pilsner, craft beer and the likes, please don’t feel left out.

1. Buy a beer

You can either go for the glass bottle or the can beers. Whichever suits your style.

2. Place the beer in a fridge for at least an hour

We don’t get people who drink warm beer. Unless you have a cold or some other medical reasons.

3. Eat some heavy food

Never drink on an empty stomach. Ensure you eat some heavy food. Ugali would suffice here. No rice or mukimo 😉

4. Look for some entertainment or people to talk to

Once the beer is cold and it is time to pertake, look for some entertainment or conversation. It is an unwritten rule that you must not drink alone. Drinking should be a communal activity just like eating. Watch a game or listen to some music. We would recommend getting a group of friends, intellectuals or fellow enthusiasts and engaging in some conversation.

5. Drink your beer one at a time

Drinking should never be rushed. Take your time to enjoy the taste. If you are keen enough you might just feel the ingredients on your tongue.

6. Get some food accompaniments

There is something about beer and the right food pairing. Most people have their beers with nuts but there is a lot more you can do with the right food pairing. Check out some recipes here

7. Don’t drink and drive

Lastly, do not drink and drive. Get a taxi ro have a designated driver. If you’re drinking from the house then have as many beers as you can handle.

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